Monday, May 28, 2012

Leaps, Bounds and... Fairy Wings?

The only way to get good is to get interested. The only way to get great is to get downright fascinated and passionate. - Ralph Marsten
Okay, Okay, quieten down. I know it's been a while since I posted but...
They really, really are. And before I got all gushy about it, I needed to make sure I was doing The Right Thing.

Starting today, my workplace is going to look a little bit different. My job is quite different too.
All this blogging, tweeting, sharing, posting may have started out with pure fascination as it's driving force but it has gotten under my skin, and a little passion formed. 
And then it grew and grew until it was so big I couldn't ignore it. Until it was all I wanted to do.

I learned about passion from a few people, like my dad - the most passionate paddler that ever did paddle - but this most recent stint has forced it into the forefront of my mind hardest.
For the last 9 months (quite a baby, this!) I have been working for two of the most passionate people I have ever met. Up, down, all around, good moods, bad moods, you name it, they believe it what they are doing so much and are so passionate that you can't help but be affected. 
There will never be a way to say thank you for forcing me to "Have an opinion" and quite plainly - not give up. I just hope I managed to actually make a teeeeeeeny weeeeeeny bit of a difference. Even if it was just in an online sort of a way. So to them I can only say this:
Thanks for having (tea with) me!
When there's passion like this all around you, it makes you think (mostly when you are actually asked) 
'Robyn, is this something you would jump out of bed at 2am to do?' 
Even though I love people, and I love sales, and I love the company and people I worked for, I love writing and I love all things e (marketing) more.

So here I go, taking a giant leap of gutspa into something I sincerely believe I have only scratched the surface of - let's hope I can swim!

But don't worry, I have been promised that there is tea where I'm headed! :)

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