Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Can I start over?

This morning I
1. Cancelled my alarm in my efforts to push snooze.
2. Split my cap as I was about to jump in the pool.
3. Was told I can't swim without a cap just when I had convinced myself that 2kms of kicking would be fun.
4. Found an obvious mark on my white t-shirt from where someone ironed the printed label on the inside onto the outside.
5. Lost one earring.
6. Forgot my ipod.

Today I
1. Got half an hour extra sleep.
2. Get to buy new a new swimming cap. What colour should I choose?
3. Get to sing for the island all. Day. Long.
4. Got to work early. Now I can leave early and go for that swim.
5. Am really appreciate my coffee.

See what I did there?

Hope you're off to a better start!

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