Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sweet, Sweet Sorbet

In honour of my faraway Mama's birthday and arrival on home turf, I took her to Sorbet for a little mani pedi.

Although we were in separate rooms, I could hear her delight when the deluxe pedi started with actual 'sanding' of the feet, not the dainty attempts at exfoliation you get elsewhere.

I was thoroughly impressed with the experience- the yummy smelling exfoliator and even yummier smelling creams... Well, except for the part when the manicurist called me out on my Very Dry Cuticles. I made a comment about winter having just ended and how surprised I was when I first wore sandals and realised, "Hey! I have toes!" She wasn't impressed. Not quite Joburg poppie standards, dear Robyn.

So, I got some Mavala cuticle oil and will apply it dutifully, and I will definitely be going back to Sorbet sometime. (Sponsorships??)

I picked an OPI colour but forgot to check the name. What a bad blogger I am. But I have pretty nails nonetheless.

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