Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Back Down

There I was this morning, moaning about 'What To Wear,' when this was being watched, just a blog away.

It's a little icky if you're sensitive, but if you need a bump back down to earth... here you go.

And the worst part? Apart from doing your Little Bit, and telling some friends, there isn't much you can do unless you have global persuasion powers or enough courage to quit your job and go work for nothing but albatross love.

Midway is a film by Chris Jordan
"that will lead viewers on a rich visual journey through the many layers of Midway Island’s stunning paradox. There, in the poetic beauty of the mythical Albatross, is a shocking human-caused environmental tragedy that we are challenged to witness head on. Filmed in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, MIDWAY will walk the viewer into beauty, grief, horror, and joy, intertwined and dancing, as a potent metaphor for our times. The film is currently in production, and the planned release date is fall of 2012."

You can read more here

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