Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Food, Wine, Design- Divine

Did you go to the Food, Wine and Design fair?
I spotted it on a few blogs last week, and thought it looked quite interesting.
Luckily, the rest of my office also thought it looked cool so we made it into an Office Field Trip.

Here are some of the things I liked, tried, bought, snapped, tasted. :)
Click on the pics for more info on each product.

Idiom -Wines of Character. Our first stop!
The sunny eating, drinking, resting area.
The other resting area.
toni glass tea. I bought the Taste the Tropics flavour. Yum!
David Krynauw
goet - the table's pattern is the street map of JHB CBD
the awesome JHB building legs for the table above
There were a few other shops I liked, and tried, but didn't have hands or camera stability (there was a lot of wine, ok!) to snap, like Pesto Princess, Salvation Cafe, Missibaba and an amazing olive stand whose name I have forgotten, but whose Tangy Olives I have at home. 

Mostly, I just wondered around in awe at the incredible creativity on display, feeling like I was meeting celebrities after seeing all these products on the blogosphere for so long, and, while I didn't manage to do any productive Christmas shopping, I did manage to get a few snacks. 

SO, I went back on Saturday for more!

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