Sunday, February 5, 2012

Here's A Tip

I've said it before, but this weekend I reminded myself that I need to say it again:

When you are living in a new city, learn to say YES.

But this time I'm going to add that when you are feeling a little sorry for yourself, or unmotivated, or lonely, or flu-ey, or whatever... Push yourself a little, and say yes.

Do you want to go mountain biking? YES!
Do you want to go to Nagiah's? YES!
Do you want to go to this tea garden? YES!
Do you want to have a braai? YES
Do you want to come with me to this person's party so I don't have to go alone? YES! (Cakes :) )
Hiking? YES!
Do you want to come antique shopping with us? YES!

It is the only way to go a little out of your comfort zone and experience new and potentially awesome things. And hey, if at the end of the day all you got was a few bruises and a story to tell about this one time when, so be it.

The way I see it, your favourite book, or movie, or meal is only going to motivate and inspire you so much. The rest will come from taking part in and watching human interactions, seeing something new and actually experiencing a little bit of what the world has on offer first hand.

On that note, go have yourselves a faaaabulous week! Cheers (with tea! It's Sunday night for goodness sakes! Oh, who am I kidding :) )

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