Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Oh Yes! It's JOBURG

The very first time I attempted to snowboard, I sucked.

I still do, hence the switch over to skiing. Still kind of average.


While I was busy sucking at snowboarding, and getting very, very bruised, a 6 year old (practically a veteran in German boarding terms) flashed past me shrieking:

“skifahrer, geht nach der skischule” (Skier, went to the ski school)

It took me a while to figure out, what with the whiplash from his whirlwind and all. Tsk Tsk for the poor grammar!


But today, as I was meandering along the freeway in my BLUE car, not one, but TWO trucks just changed lanes. No indication, no check in the mirror for potential-blue-cars-next-to-you... nothing.

In response to which I shrieked “LKW-Fahrer, gehen Sie zurück zur Fahrschule.”





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