Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Secunda Stylin'

In the absence of the technological know-how to get pictures from my Blackberry to my blog, I will have to temporarily skip over last weekends trip to the beautiful gem (ha ha) that is Cullinan.

Instead I'll fast forward to this week and get you up to speed with my Gautengaleng progress.

I have a job!
(Crowd cheers and throws streamers. Glitter falls from the ceiling.)

I am starting work on the 1st of September for a very exciting company called Side Effects. (More to come on that).
I am beyond excited, nervous, anxious. This is a real Big Girl Job... I hope my Big Girl Pants pull me through.
The good news is that they like tea just as much as me. In fact, I have a sneaky suspicion that my tea making capabilities are what pulled me through the interviews.

The home hunt has begun!
It has been very interesting to see how many places call themselves "Two Bed Two Bath" but are, in fact, more of the "One.5" or "One and a Shoe Box" variety. I have spoken to a very interesting mix of agents who range from Definitely Drunk at 12 o'clock, to This Place Is So Above You, to Not Interested in Helping the Professionals of Tomorrow, to I'm Super Keen - Let's Do This- But I Won't Keep You Posted. I don't think their job is tooooo hard, and we are the eager beaver tenant kind. The Gonna Make It Some Day's of today. Dammit people, help us find a home!

Spink-a-links, my trusty turquoise Spark is a real trooper.
Not only is he/she (it changes day to day) charging around the freeways like a real JHB driver (I am incredibly proud of my driving developments) but taking me to far off, STRANGE places in comfort, and with very few ND-honks.
Why, just yesterday we meandered over to Secunda. In an hour and a half. Impressed? I am.

I am using The Evil Garmin less and less.
The JHB roads are becoming more and more familiar, and I am finding my bearings, slowly, but surely.
Sometimes I don't even have to use my little scraps of paper with directions scrawled on them.

I managed to surprise Frank by arriving in Secunda a day early, and being at Nando's with lunch ordered and waiting for him. Hooray!
Now he has a snuggle partner (it's chilly here at night) and I get to do a whole weekend of Special Breed Watching, while I prepare myself for work next week. They make em different this side, that's for sure!

Have been thinking about Munich and our travels quite a bit. I have to say, I miss that place a little (mostly the trains, and Summer!) It's so crazy to think that we've been back for a few days short of a month, it feels like that adventure was a lifetime ago. Happy /Sad feeling.

In other news:
-NVDM is coming home. Beyond excited. It's only been a year and a half since we saw each other in Sydney.
-The Jackson Bean is going to be on leave and in JHB for a little razzle with yours truly. It's been 5 months. Now we just need Dee and our Rusketeer Trio will be complete.
-Wedding Weekend is nearly here! Although our boxes have hit a massive delay in Munich, and we may or may not have to go to the weddings with stars covering our Pieces, it is going to be a weekend FULL of catch-ups with such wonderful friends, all together to celebrate such a LOVEly occasion.

September is going to be a GOOD month! No, scratch that. A GREAT month.
Stay tuned!

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  1. Robs congrats on the job :) What are you doing there? Are you writing copy or doing other fun things? GOOD LUCK!!