Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Watch This Space

Well, would you look at that! It seems as though I have survived my first week (and long weekend) in JHB!
And, so far so good! I am really enjoying the vibe here! (I didn't think I would EVER say that!)
Granted, it has been a week and a half of interviews and general adapting-to-the-Jozi-way-of-life, but I have learnt so much already, without a single hoot at my ND number plate! Now that's what I call success!!

Here are some of the things I've learnt, mostly to do with the JHB roads... and drivers:
1) Your "safe following distance" is another persons opportunity to squeeze in.
2) Indicating is clearly optional here.
3) If you zone out during a drive to anywhere, and drift off into your daydreaming happy place, you will end up in Pretoria. Focus Robyn, Focus!
4) A broken car arial = fuzz. In which case you better have a good, long cd, or a charged ipod.
5) Little cars need to be filled up more.
6) Before thinking you're super organised for packing your hands free kit, make sure your hands free kit actually works. You don't want to be scrambling for the speaker phone button mid-lane change. (Not that I touch my phone during lane changes!)
7) Pee before you leave, and pack padkos. The trip might be longer than you thought.
8) Small cars seem to be invisible to truck drivers. Even if they are a nice bright Spinky turquoise.
9) A sweaty hand does not a good hand shake make.
10) Being early has its advantages. The best one is that you can try out that spot in the sun, melt and still have time to change tables and regain your shiny composure before The Interviewers arrive.
11) "What do you think?" is an excellent follow up question after a technical question. Let those interviewers puff up their feathers a bit. Go on.
12) Waiting seems to be a Very Big part of The Great Job Search. "We'll get back to," "We'll call you tomorrow / friday / next week"
13) Being an Interviewee is incredibly tiring. Long afternoon naps in the sun, and cups of tea are Very Necessary.
14) Once the sun sets in JHB, it gets cold. The houses just aren't geared for Winter like the ones in Europe are.
15) Making your evening bath/shower part of your Just Before Bed routine is an excellent idea. If you don't, you better have good socks and a hot water bottle.
16) I now understand why everyone told me to find a job first before looking at places to stay.

Please keep those thumbs held and fingers twisted for job offers and apartment leases!
I promise to keep you posted :)

Time for tea!

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