Friday, March 16, 2012

Have You Met Cakes?

Cakes is my beautiful cousin who ran away to Cape Town to follow her culinary dreams of being a pastry chef (no, I didn't complain either).

So, naturally, I enforced the Blogging During A Year of Adventure rule. Ok, I may have been a little forceful- is setting up her blog and sending her a password forceful? Depends which end of the wine glass you're on I guess...

But she obliged and boy, can the woman throw a sentence together!

Every now and then I get these little snippets of foodie fabulosity but this morning's treat really takes the Cake... So to speak.

My clever cousin made... Petit Fours! Seriously? Yup!
They're only the second best tea snack ever created- next to a miniature red velvet cupcake with italian meringue icing, of course!

You can follow Cakes' adventures at

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