Sunday, March 4, 2012

How To

Cure a cold in one weekend.

1. Sleep. A lot of it.
2. Go for change. As drastic as is possible in one weekend.
3. Nutrition is important. The less effort the better so a ridiculous amount of ribs from Mike's Kitchen could work. As could a Sunday curry from those nice people downstairs :)
4. Get out the house! A trip to the Barnyard might aggravate any symptoms of a sore throat but the fun you'll have will do wonders.
5. Lots of couch time!
6. A bubble bath will aid in sweating out the germs.
7. Soup, tea, horlicks. Like I said, nutrition is important, and liquids are key.
8. And the final, most important thing to aid in the removal of a cold- a weekend!

Hope yours was relaxing!

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