Thursday, March 22, 2012

Money at the Market

Have you been to the Market Theatre lately?
There are a few shows on at the moment but the one that caught my eye is Money’s Too Tight To Mention. Have you seen it?

Directed by Heinrich Reisenhofer, UCT Drama School graduate, Jazzart Dance Theatre dancer and choreographer and co-writer and directer of the runaway success Suip!, Money's Too Tight To Mention stars the infectious stand up comedian and magician Stuart Taylor – we know him as the presenter of the SABC 3 travel show, 'Going Nowhere Slowly'

Stuart Taylor
The show explores the way the current financial crisis is affecting us as South Africans, and delves into the pressure we place onto ourselves to keep up with "the new Joneses" - the Khumalos - all while giving tips on how to get through the penny pinching , post holiday patches.

Taylor says, "If you've ever thought, 'I can't believe how broke I am,' this show is for you...If lately you've had to give up luxuries like naked sushi and replace it with a can of pilchards on your wife's tummy, this show is certainly for you!"

Tickets range from R66 - R120 (it is for us penniless folk, you know) and are available here.

p.s. it’s only on until the 1st April so book soon... see you there!

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