Thursday, September 8, 2011

I'll Get There

Here we are, exactly one week into The Job. I gotta say, it's going well. Or at least I think it is :)
My brain still feels like it's doing summersaults in the deep end, and I've had one or two relatively embarrassing phone calls that had me scrambling through my notes for information, but... I'll get there.

And until I do, I am quite happy in the knowledge that there are two things to give the kick I need, when I need it.

Tea... and wine.

And for all you like minded people, doing like minded brain-flips, I give you this little snippet (you can read the whole piece here) from Harry Haddon, of Two Oceans Vibe

"But it is not just the intoxicative properties of wine that make it my favourite drug; it is also relatively cheap (although the further down the rabbit-hole you go, the more you are willing to pay), easily accessible, and most important of all, interesting. No other drug offers so many different flavours, textures and aromas on your way to getting pickled. And choice! My goodness you are spoiled for it. You can get sizzled on German Riesling, befuddled with a Californian Cabernet, or loaded with a Australian Shiraz. An Argentinean Malbec can get you pleasantly toasted, and with a Burgundy, elegantly wasted.
A brilliant, sociable, complex, tasty, interesting drug. No flashbacks, jippo-guts, steak knife Tuesdays, or deviated septums. No gangsters, gun-toting dealers or back alley deals. As drugs go, wine is a winner.
I was going to leave it there, but I thought I’d give some sort of disclaimer before the more sensitive of you start accusing me of promoting alcoholism, the dop system, killing babies, and finally – as internet comments go – accuse me of sleeping with somebody’s mother and simultaneously being gay. Of course drugs in excess are bad for you, and to live entirely under the influence is not advisable. Use these drugs to make your life better, don’t be silly and let them become a crutch."

In the words of Rihanna, I leave you with a solid, clinking "Cheers, to the freaking weekend, I'll drink to that, yeah-e-yeah"

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