Thursday, September 1, 2011

Work Work

Last night the were a million questions running (actually more like Usain Bolt-ing!) through my head.

What do I wear to work? What time do I wake up? What time should I leave home? What do I take with me (tea, duh!) Will they really like me? Did they only hire me because the other girls liked my eyebrows? Do they really like my eyebrows? When was the last time I tweezed my eyebrows? Have I ever thought about my eyebrows so much? Am I going to reveal my inexperience? Will I last in heels all day? (I've worn heels 3 times in the last year and a bit. The third time was last weekend and it was painful!!) Why is the button on my hot water bottle so much hotter than the fluffy part? Ok ok, I digress...

I was nervous ok!

My lovely Pops sent me a well wishing sms at 5am, which I mistook for my alarm (not even close to the same sound) and hopped up. Then plopped back down and zzzz'd for a whole lot longer... Only after I'd read all my other well wishing messages on all my other social media platforms (thank you- you carried me through the day- no really, my heels were high!).

So when the real alarm went off, I was ready. I hopped up(this time I got further than the edge of the bed) and began my Removal Of The Morning Face Process.

I was unsure whether to take the 'it'll take you 5minutes to get to work' seriously, so I left quite early. And it really did. So I drove round, and around, and around andaroundandaround, and was still the 15 minutes early. What can I say, I hate being late!

Luckily there was another Early Bird to let me in, and so my day began.

For the most part, it was a huge big Mind Bomb of information, with a lovely auction in the absolutely hideous Hyde Park on the side. No really, the people that live there...shame, times are tough! (Deep down appreciation for the lifetime of hard work I hope it took for them to get there aside).

Needless to say, when it came to Home Time (which I might dub Hunger Time in the future as that's when it hit me), I was whacked. Finished. Readytocrawlundermyduvetforaweek.

And to think, this is just the beginning. I have to get up EVEN EARLIER tomorrow!! I have to made padkos coffee and breakfast! I have to pick my outfit the night before!! (ok, I sometimes do that anyway) I have to up my organisational game. I am now...

A Worker!

On to the next day we go!

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