Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Thunder And Lightning

Very very frightening... Freddy-Mercury-type-high-pitched-oooh, Galileo
I'm sure you know the rest.

Last night, after an unsuccessful attempt at avoiding traffic on the way to see what has been named The Back Up Apartment, a small dinner with my future-house-mate and very current Frank, I experienced my first Jozi STORM!

Actually, I crashed, and was faaaaaast asleep when I was woken by apocalyptic sounds outside. Turns out, for Joburgers, it was nothin'. Just your regular old it's-been-a-little-hot storm. Excuse me? Really?
I guess I'm going to have to get me some earplugs!

Sleepless nights spent wondering what the world outside will look like in the morning are not ideal after Long Days and before Big Days. I somehow need to maintain my Sparkly Face well into the night, teetering along in my Client Services Liason Shoes (the transformation is real, I promise!) and handing out my very fancy business cards, all the while hoping my Let's Do Business Grin doesn't turn into a clenched teeth kind of I Want To Sleep 'Smile.'

Luckily, there is coffee -I know, I'm a traitor- to keep the eyelids open, and hopefully the rest will take care of itself...

Now, who wants a cookie?

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