Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bed Time

With the weekend looming, and my back getting tired of pumping up the very comfortable but very much on the floor mattress, I decided it was time to bit the bullet and go bed shopping.

I found a bed shop in Fourways, nice and close to home and hopped on over there after work.
Now, the thing about me is I LOVE SLEEPING. It is one of my favourite things to do. Also, I'm not very fussy when it comes to mattresses, as long as it's not too cardboard like.

So the first thing the very helpful Bed Seller and I did was measure my height in my Client Services Liaison shoes to be sure the bed would fit through the door. It will (Phew!).

And then came the hard part. Choosing.
I don't really like choosing, however, my indecisiveness seems to be being trumped by my hatred of waiting. This is becoming apparent in my New Purchase Behaviour patterns, mostly noticeable by the payment of a deposit and one months rent without actually seeing the flat/ apartment.
They have strips of material which they put down on the bed (apparently there are really grubby people trying out beds?) which I then had to lay down on to test out the bed.

Salesman: "Springs or full foam?"
R: "Huh? There's a difference?"
Salesman: "Yes maam" (Proceeds to demonstrate difference)
R: "Ummmm.... what would you choose?"
Salesman: "I have a full foam"
R: "Ok, done"

It seemed like every time I made up my mind some new option would come along, like a mattress that unzips in the middle to become two beds.

It was then that the Bed Seller told me that there was a special on the bed I was sitting on, and there was only one left in my size... Well... had he mentioned that before.
So I handed my card over, closed my eyes, and signed.

And there you have it... tomorrow morning I will be in possession of a bed.
Grown up or what?
Can't wait for my first afternoon nap :)

**Please note: I have exaggerated ridiculously, the whole process only took about 25 minutes**

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