Friday, October 21, 2011

Joburg Driving 101

Overall, I think I am a relatively calm driver.

I have accepted that in order to live and work in Joburg I will get stuck in traffic every now and then everyday, so I pack my little road snack and make sure I have music.

I have accepted that taxi's push in and if you don't let them go they will smash into you, and I have accepted that 99% of the time, trucks can't see my teal little Spark when they're changing lanes. It's ok.

I keep my safe following distance (which is abused by as many drivers who think they can fit into it) and always check my blind spots.

Now, I'm not claiming to be a professional driver, or even in the top 10 000 drivers on the Joburg roads, but when I was learning to drive, I was told that if I want to change lanes I should indicate.

However, it seems that my driving teacher, driving book and license examiner were all big fat liars because in Joburg, especially in peak hour traffic, indicating is optional!

Seriously... I am the ONLY fool doing it! All the cool kids just weave in and out flicker-less.

I found these pics:
 front car lights
car lights rear

But you know, they are from the Driving School of Ireland website under the Vehicle Safety sections, so perhaps they don't apply here.

Come on people! Indicate! Even if it's just to add some twinkles to the roads at night.

ok. rant over.

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