Monday, October 3, 2011

The Wind and The Windows

The weekend is over.
Yes, that means that Moving Day has come and gone. The bags have been unpacked and the clothing has been  hung. The mattress bed has been made and... OF COURSE... the wine glasses have been cleaned and the cupcake crumbs picked up (I was celebrating OK!) I have a home!

The only thing that I am missing is curtains... the bedroom kind. My new room looks out onto the courtyard which means the courtyard looks in to me. And trust me when I say this: My morning face is not one anyone would WANT to see. So the voil curtains that are temporarily blurring this image are Desperately Seeking Company (one potential suitor arriving today).

The other problem with very thin, image blurring curtains is that on nights like Saturday, and Sunday, when the sky cracks open, and pours down with every drop it has, flashing and cracking and hailing, is that you can hear old Mother N quite clearly (especially the hail on the window) and see every flash of lightening that flicks across the sky. 

So the wind howled, and I snuggled further and further under my trusty old duvet -it's good to have it back, it's been a while- and from the limpness of the blow up mattress on Sunday morning it is clear that I tossed, and tossed, and flick-flacked and starfished, as only I can, in an attempt to block out the light. 

Here's hoping tonight will be darker, and calmer, so I can drift off to the sound of the water feature in the courtyard. That's if it doesn't make me need to pee!

Sweet Monday Dreams!

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