Monday, October 17, 2011

New Jean Pant Sunday

I would usually say that jean shopping with a post-David Guetta concert hangover is a bad idea.
Normally I spend hours and hours trying on different shapes, colours, styles, sizes, and end up with an unswiped card and a serious case of jeanpression.

But on Sunday it turned out to be a very,very good idea.

I wandered into Woolies, picked up one pair of jeans, tried them on, paid and left. Done.
This has never happened to me. Ever.

It's either Woolies, David Guetta or a little left over Birthday magic... either way today I'm singing my version of Ri-Ri's "Cheers to the freaking weekend":
"I got my new jeans on and I'm feeling hella cool today"

p.s. Thanks Parentals :)

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