Wednesday, October 19, 2011

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Last week Wednesday Gareth Cliff was talking about No Negativity Wednesday.
On this day you are allowed to delete negative people from FB, Twitter and your life in general. Well, you can do it any day but on Wednesday's especially!

So in keeping with my efforts to Be More Positive, which I decided to start last night, I am looking for all the silver linings, upsides, other hands and all round Better News I can find. Here's my list for today so far:

I overslept by 40 minutes this morning                I have a lovely warm bed and am now well rested
The traffic was redonkulous this morning            I had a handy coffee mug for the journey
Saw a knocked down man in a gutter                It was not me
JLo and Bradley Cooper are serious                  Ok, I have no plus for this.

But you get the picture. Hope you are all having a great No Negativity Wednesday!

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