Monday, October 24, 2011

I'm A Fool In The Morning

Sooooo this morning I was late for work because, in typical Robyn style, I second guessed myself on my way out of Secunda. Panic panic.
Turned around. Cursed myself  for being silly. Turned around again. Still didn’t look right so turned around again. Turned on Garmy Garms who told me to make a U Turn, turned off Garmy Garms.
Phoned Frank with my tail between my legs- at this point there may or may not have been a frustrated sniffle.
Couldn’t explain where I was properly so sent a picture to Frank. Was going the right way all along.
Turned the corner and hey... I know where I am now.

So my bright red, embarrassed-for-being-such-a-fool face and I put foot and would have gotten to work on time had it not been for The Germiston Traffic which basically involves my Teal car looking like silverside beef in a truck sandwich. Not ideal. Neither was the enormous wee belly and burnt mouth I had from the amazing travel mug of hot hot hot coffee. 

Deep breath....
Ok Monday, give me your best shot. 

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