Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Family Ties

Some families work, and some just don't. Mine does.
Sure, we get irritated with each other, and we are all very, very different, but when it's crunch time, we are there, by the dozens, and we rally.

The bond you have with a sister, cousin, aunt or grandparent is one that is so, so hard to explain. It just is, and it just will be. You don't have to explain yourself, because they've been there your whole life... they already know.

You never have to pass on news, because the family grapevine will do it for you, sometimes sending news halfway around the world before you've even had time to soak it in.

You never have to be asked to help.... you just go, you just pitch in, and you just do.

And no matter how far away you move, or how little you keep in touch, they will still be right there, waiting for your return.

I am realising, more and more, how important family is. Because sometimes, as much as I hate to admit it, while tea and a cupcake* might temporarily still your mind, it isn't going to get things done.

*Yes, I have just had tea and a cupcake at 9am. 

Look after those family ties.

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